Will the Google Nexus S have a curved display?


Following yesterday"s appearance of the Nexus S comes a bit of odd gossip - its display is curved. In the middle, the phone is thinner than at the top and bottom, making the whole screen concave, it"s not just a chin.

Apparently, Samsung did some research and concluded that concave displays have better usability than flat displays - or at least give the impression of better usability. This technology isn"t new - the rumor states that Samsung has been working on it for a while and they even got Sprint interested in it.

The Nexus S has a curved screen (we added the red line to make it easier to see)

The deal fell through because Samsung couldn"t manufacture enough curved displays to fill Sprints needs for this holiday season. So, what is this display doing on the Nexus S? It could be better - a hands on will decide that - but if Samsung really can"t manufacture enough, then the Nexus S doesn"t stand a chance of becoming a mass market device?

The Nexus One didn"t sell very well, so Google might be expecting similar sale numbers from the Nexus S. Or has Samsung somehow solved the manufacturing problem?

Either way, we"re always interested in innovation and we"re eager to find out how a curved display would affect usability and pocketability. It could be the best thing since capacitive displays or it could just end up an oddity in touch phone design (like circular displays).