Will a Samsung Unpacked event reveal the Galaxy S IV in March?


It’s been fairly clear for a while now that the Samsung Galaxy S IV flagship will not be announced at the MWC, but will have its own dedicated event (just like the S III got). Asia Economy claims that this particularly Samsung Unpacked event is planned for March.

We’ve seen both April and May rumored as potential launch dates for the Galaxy S IV, so a late March announcement seems appropriate. Of course, the S III was announced and released in May, so if the S IV is to follow that announcement and release model, we should be looking at a March launch.

Interestingly, Asia Economy says that the Unpacked event will be held in the US (the S III event was London based) and that this is an attempt by Samsung to steal the spotlight in the US from the new Apple iPad, which should be announced around the same time (all three 9.7" iPads were launched in March, with the last two also being announced in March).

While we’re not 100% convinced about the March Samsung Unpacked event, we"ll be on the lookout for invitations.

Note: The image is a concept Galaxy S IV render by rozetked.

Source (in Korean) | Via