Samsung's Galaxy Upcycling program proposes to turn old phones into tools for the home


Samsung started the Galaxy Upcycling program back in 2017. The goal is to reuse old smartphones in new and creative ways – from building an arcade machine to an automatic pet feeder (you can see some examples here).

But those were created by tinkerers who know how to hold a soldering iron. This year, the Galaxy Upcycling program is taking a simpler approach – just flash the old phone with new software.

The video below shows two examples. The first transforms the phone into a baby monitor that can detect when the child is crying and instantly send you a notification. Another will automatically switch on the light in the evening, so that your pet doesn’t have to wait for you in the dark.

Last year the company also built eye examination tools out of old Galaxy phones. It also thought up of ways to reuse the cardboard box from Samsung TVs to build furniture for your home. All 2021 Samsung TVs will use this type of eco packaging.