Google to enable 5G on Pixel 7 series and Pixel 6a in India this quarter


Google"s new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones, along with the Pixel 6a released earlier last year still don"t have 5G support in India, even though they are officially sold there. In Google"s defense, Apple only recently updated its 5G-capable phones to support India"s network and so did Samsung. Still, the search giant is falling a bit behind schedule.

In an official statement sent out to us, Google assures that a 5G-enabling OTA update is coming sometime in Q1 2023. The initial timeline for this was December, but Google clearly missed it.

Google to enable 5G on its PIxel 7 series and Pixel 6a in India next year

In the statement, the company says that it"s working closely with Indian carriers to enable the next-generation connectivity and comply with the local regulations and standards. Xiaomi is also working on an update as it has quite a few 5G-capable handsets in India.