Google Pixel's March Feature Drop changelog leaks


As per tradition, Google"s Feature Drop update, along with the March security patch, was supposed to arrive yesterday - the first Monday of each month. For some reason that didn"t happen, but someone on Reddit shared the highlight features that are supposed to arrive for the latest Google Pixel phones and the Pixel Watch.


The Pixel 6 series will get the new, faster Night Sight, which was introduced with the Pixel 7 series. Pixel 4a phones and above will finally get the Direct My Call feature that lists all the menu options on calls without having to listen to the whole thing.

The Magic Eraser will be made available to all Pixel phones, although this is already available to Google One subscribers, including iPhone users. A new Health Connect app will allow sharing of fitness data across multiple fitness apps so you can have all your data in one place.

Lastly, the Pixel Watch and Pixel 5 phones or later get Fall Detection. When the Pixel Watch detects a fall, it will check if you are responsive and if not, it will call for help automatically. The algorithm is trained to recognize tumbles too, to avoid false alarms.

Keep in mind that those are just highlighted features listed on marketing materials - not a full changelog.