Google brings locking Incognito tabs on Chrome for Android


Google shared some tips on staying safe on Chrome for Data Privacy Day, which is tomorrow, January 28. It also revealed Chrome for Android is getting a new feature, allowing you to lock Incognito tabs when you leave the app.

A new privacy setting lets you unlock these tabs with a screen lock, be it with biometric info, PIN or pattern.

Chrome for Android screenshotsChrome for Android screenshotsChrome for Android screenshots
Chrome for Android screenshots

The feature is pretty straightforward. When Chrome is opened, and you want to use the Incognito tabs after the phone was locked, there will be a prompt on the screen to use your preferred screen unlock method and verify you have access. The public tabs will remain publicly available.

The feature is extremely useful for devices used by more than one person where one doesn’t want the others to know what is being browsed. This is the closest Chrome for Android has gotten to different profiles for different users.

Google said the feature is still rolling out, so some users might have to wait a bit to get it.