Best Buy US deals: gift cards for the Pixel 7 series, carrier discounts for Galaxy Z models


The Pixel 7 series has been available for a week now - did you get one? If the pricing was a concern then these offers by Best Buy in the US may tip the scales for you. The retail giant also has offers on some of Samsung"s best Android phones from this year.

Let"s look at the Pixel 7 Pro first as that needs more help price-wise than its sibling. The normal price for an unlocked 128GB unit is $900. You can drop that by up to $400 with an eligible trade-in and you will receive a $200 gift card to spend on other stuff - more details over at Best Buy.

Google Pixel 7 ProGoogle Pixel 7Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel 7 Pro • Google Pixel 7 • Google Pixel Watch

The Pixel 7 (128GB, unlocked) is more affordable to start with - $600 - but you can receive up to $400 in trade-in credit, plus a $100 gift card. For more details, check the Best Buy page. As for what to do with the gift card, Best Buy also has the Pixel Watch for $350 (no discounts, though).

Moving over to the Samsung side of things, let"s start with the foldables. The Galaxy Z Flip4 (128GB) is usually $1,000 for an unlocked unit, but signing with a carrier can reduce the price by up to $400. So, the Z Flip4 can be yours for $600 with an AT&T or T-Mobile contract, or $700 if you go with Verizon or Sprint. For more details, check the Best Buy page.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Unlike its smaller sibling, the Galaxy Z Fold4 gets a bigger discount with Verizon - down to $1,400 (from $1,800) for a 256GB unit. The T-Mobile and Sprint offers reduce the price to $1,500. All of these are available as one-time payments or broken down into 24 monthly payments, learn more on

The Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) gets similar discounts with a carrier contract - you can have one for $750 if you pick AT&T or T-Mobile, $850 with Verizon or Sprint (the normal price is $1,200). You can check out the available options on Best Buy.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5GSamsung Galaxy A53 5G
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Finally, if you"re in the market for something cheaper, the Galaxy A53 5G (128GB), which is normally $450, can be picked up for $100 less with an in-store activation - an activation on will also do the trick.