Apple is countersuing Ericsson in the US, seeks import ban on its 5G equipment


A day after Ericsson filed a counter lawsuit against Apple over 5G patent licensing, Cupertino is firing back with a countersuit that aims to ban imports of Ericsson mobile base station equipment in the US. Apple’s suit was filed with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC).

United States International Trade Commission (ITC) headquarters
United States International Trade Commission (ITC) headquarters in Washington,DC

The two companies have been in dispute ever since Apple began using Ericsson LTE patents in its iPhones after a previous deal between the two companies expired and licenses were not renewed. Apple is now asking the ITC to ban all US imports relating to Ericsson’s mobile network infrastructure with Apple citing infringements of its own mmWave patents.

Apple's side has expressed a desire to have the court decide on fair licensing fees for the disputed patents (Ericsson was asking for $5K a piece). Cupertino is also open to withdrawing its charge if Ericsson is willing to do the same. We’ll be on the lookout for any new developments in this legal fiasco and will update you accordingly.