Apple iOS 16 is here with a focus on the lock screen


iOS took the stage first during Apple"s WWDC keynote and it took more than 40 minutes for Craig Federighi and team to tell us all about the new updates.

The biggest by far is the new lock screen. Apple calls it the biggest update ever. Whether you"ve set a photo, a static wallpaper, or any of the new live wallpapers, you"ll be able to customize the way the date and time portion looks. Each element can be deeply customized with different fonts, colors, the shades of those colors, and by adding widgets.

Apple iOS 16 is here with redesigned lock screen, but no Always-on display

You"ll be able to customize which widgets show up below the date and time. Notifications on the lock screen are now more discrete - they"ll occupy the lower part of the screen, so they don"t block a photo you"ve placed as a wallpaper. You can go further with photos by using Photo Shuffle, which will shuffle photos you"ve pre-selected, or will choose for you if you like.

The new lock screenThe new lock screen
The new lock screen

The Live Activities API will enable more condensed notifications with real-time updates - think of a scoreboard of a sports game, or a food delivery tracker.

Live ActivitiesLive Activities
Live Activities

Apple didn"t mention anything about an always-on display mode coming, so we guess either the feature got axed or it will be an iPhone 14 Pro exclusive after all.

Focus - iOS" defacto profiles, now extends to the lock screen. You"ll be able to choose your desired focus straight from the lock screen and change which apps can show notifications, the look of the UI, and once you get past the lock screen, the same focus will continue on the homescreen.


Messages got three big updates in iOS 16. You can now edit a message, unsend a message (Apple calls it Undo Send), and mark conversations as unread. Dictation got a few minutes of air time. It"s now much better and completely on-device (it doesn"t require a data connection). You can fluidly switch between dictating and typing with the keyboard. There"s automated emoji recognition, auto-punctuation, and full Siri support.

Undo Send or Edit a message
Undo Send or Edit a message

Live Text, the feature that lets you copy down text from photos, will work in video as well.

Next is Apple Wallet. In iOS 16, apps will be able to access Wallet to verify you, and you"ll be able to share only the information that"s needed (just your age, not your birthday). You will be able to share virtual keys through Wallet to Messages, or specific third-party apps.

Updates to Apple WalletUpdates to Apple Wallet
Updates to Apple Wallet

Apple Pay Later allows a purchase to be split into four equal payments for up to six weeks. Apple Pay Order Tracking will save detailed receipts in Wallet and show order tracking information.

With iCloud Shared Photo Library, you will be able to create a separate iCloud library for up to six people to add photos from their own libraries, or share based on a start date or people in the photos.

Shared Photo LibraryShared Photo Library
Shared Photo Library

The enhanced Apple Maps is coming to 11 more countries, including France, Switzerland, and New Zealand. Maps introduced multistop routing, allowing you to add up to 15 stops to a journey. City experiences will show a 3D version of Las Vegas, as well as six other cities, including Miami, Chicago, and Sydney. The new-look will feature 3D scans, elevation, and transit navigation.

Adding stops to Apple MapsAdding stops to Apple Maps

Apple showed off the new generation CarPlay, which will make it to cars at the end of next year. It"s completely redesigned and will work on all available screens in a car, including the driver"s display. CarPlay will be able to show data like speed, RPM, fuel, and temperature levels, which will come directly from the vehicle. And it will enable full customization on all the screens.

Apple iOS 16 is here with redesigned lock screen, but no Always-on display

The developer preview of iOS is available to Developer Program members from today, and a public beta is coming to iOS users next month. The finished version of iOS 16 will arrive in September right after the iPhone 14 announcement.