iSuppli: Samsung tops Nokia as the cellphone top dog in 2012


IHS iSuppli has released a preliminary forecast report for the total shipments of cellphone companies in 2012 and has unsurprisingly it shows that that Samsung is in the lead. This is the first time in 14 years that a company other than Nokia has topped the charts. Meanwhile, Apple is in third place.

iSupply expects Samsung to be responsible for 29% of the total global cellphone shipments in 2012. This is 5 percent points increase over 2011, when Nokia was in the lead with 30% of global cellphone shipments. In 2012, the Espoo company's share stands at 24%.

Apple is taking the third spot with estimated market share of 10% in 2012, 3 percent points up over 2012.

As far as smartphone shipments are concerned, Samsung is still number one, with Apple securing second spots, the respective market shares at 28% and 20%. iSupply's expectations for 2012 show a significant jump in global smartphone shipments by almost 36%.

Another report was brought by Informa Telecoms, which points out that Android is dominating the smartphone market in China, accounting for two-thirds of all the handsets sold there..

The company points out that 41% of all smartphones running Android didn't use an "authentic" build, meaning that the Google services were missing. Apple has just 5% market share in the country, while the Microsoft's Windows Phone mobile OS takes up just 1% of the pie.

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