Is that a live photo of the Sony Xperia L4 and the Nokia phablet?


We stumbled upon a blurry image, which allegedly shows the Rumorland-resident Sony phablet going by the name of Xperia Togari (L4). There's also a Nokia phablet, which sources point could be named 1030 with perhaps a Lumia somewhere in the name too.

The photo allegedly shows the Sony Xperia L4 and Nokia Lumia 1030

The Togari could sport a 6.44" FullHD 1080p display and is supposed to be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor. The following image compares the alleged live shot against a previously leaked image of an Xperia device's frame and there are obvious similarities.

Sony Xperia L4 compared to previous leak

As for the rather interesting-looking Nokia device - it sporting a Lumia-type body in cyan we see a large device which can fit three medium-sized Live tiles. This could be the Lumia phablet device Nokia's CEO himself has been mentioning.

The Nokia 1030 and Xperia Togari

Still the image looks highly untrustworthy given the presence of camera shake blur in the background and the lack of it in the Xperia L4 part of the image. Our gut tells us that it should be taken with more than the usual pinch of salt accompanying such images.

However, both prototypes pictured look quite plausible, so even if the image is fake there's an outside chance that it has been created by someone who has actually seen the devices in question.

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