Axon 7's first teaser video focuses on device's sound quality


ZTE has released first teaser video for its upcoming Axon 7 flagship smartphone. The video - which is aimed at showcasing the device's sound quality - shows close-up of an animated character playing piano on stage. But as the camera zooms out, it's revealed that the animated movie is in fact being played on the Axon 7.

If you recall, the invite image that the company sent out for the device's launch event also contained a caption "Listening to the heart of power." Although we told you it could be something related to the device's audio output, we weren't really sure about it at that time.

Anyway, coming back to the teaser video, towards the end - as you might have noticed - a virtual reality headset logo appears, effectively suggesting that the Axon 7 will be VR compatible as well.

The device, which is already certified by TENAA, will be made official on May 26, and it's all but officially confirmed that it's coming to the US as well.